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Santa Claus Lapland

Detroit USA

Vienna Market



Malmo, Sweden

Rimbacher Marktplatz mit Rathaus


Rovaniemi, Finland


Glascow by Night


Goslar, Germany

Frankfhurt Germany



Levi, Finland


Paris Eifel

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 Liverpool Mathew


Vail, Colorado

View over London

McKenzie Oregon

Rimbacher Marktplatz mit Rathaus

Shopping Centre

Rimbacher Marktplatz mit Rathaus

Erfuhrt, Germany

Rimbacher Marktplatz mit Rathaus

Villach, Austria

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001 Click and Go Worldwide Live Video Check our Click and Go webcams page1
002 Click and Go Worldwide Live Video Check our Click and Go webcams page2
003 Events Worldwide Live Video Christmas events from A tot Z
004 Reindeer USA Live Video Santa's reindier cam
005 Santa's Office Lapland Live Video Santa office on the Arctic circle! outside
006 Santa Claus Lapland Live Video Santa Claus office Inside
007 LindsayLights USA Video Beautilfull garden video 01 / 02/ 03/ 04
008 Captain Cook Alaska Photo Cam Gingerbread village, more?
205 Innsbruck Austria Photo Cam Tree with gold balls
190 Klagenfurt Austria Photo Cam Market central square
010 St.Pölten Austria Live Video Market and tree
011 Radstadt Austria Photo Cam Chrismas tree on square
012 Salzburg Austria Live Video Different cams
013 Villach Austria Photo Cam Street christmas market
016 Gänserndorf Austria Live Video Nice decorated street
017 Stadt Haag Austria Live Video Christmas tree with indiana wigwam
018 Kufstein Austria Photo Cam Street decorated by lights
019 Wolfgangsee Austria Photo Cam Strobl, Christmas market high res cam!
020 Graz Austria Live Video Christmas market, control this cam
021 Wien Austria Live Video Three diff webcams from Vienna market
022 St. Vith Belgium Photo Cam Downtown St Vith
023 Brussel Belgium Live Video Centre of Brussel grand place
024 Brugge Belgium Photo Cam Christmas market from the centre
028 Vail Colorado Photo Cam Blue colour christas tree
029 Alek`s Christ Colorado Live Video Controlable house Christmas lights
030 Zatec Czech Rep Photo Cam Downtown center Zatec
031 Nový Jičín Czech Rep Live Video Market on central square
032 Česká Lípa Czech Rep Live Video Lightful city halll and Chrismas tree
033 Olomouc Czech Rep Photo Cam Christmas market in distance
034 Muhb Czech Rep Live Video OLd town centre
035 Dobrušce Czech Rep Live Video Chrismas tree on central plaza
036 Otepää Estonia Live Video Blue christmas tree
039 Levi Finland Photo Cam Christmas market in the snow
040 Kemijärvi Finland Photo Cam Town square
041 Rovaniemi Finland Photo Cam Shopping street
043 Florida MediaPlayer Send us your request!
045 Nacy France Photo Cam Centre square Nancy
046 Troyes France Live Video Old carrousel and Christmas tree
047 Saint Dizier France Live Video Ice skating and Christmas tree
048 Clermont France Live Video Christmas market CamII
049 Montpellier France Live Video Cam from the hearth of Montpellier
050 Brest France Live Video Webcam looking over Brest with funfair
051 Paris France Live Video Webcam looking under the Eiffel tower
209 Nürnberg Germany Live Video The famous Christkindlesmarkt CamII
207 Stadt Helmstedt Germany Photo Cam Market square with market
206 Sonneberg Germany Photo Cam Tree and market in front of city hall
204 Esslingen Germany Photo Cam Christmas market in middle age style
203 Stuttgart Germany Photo Cam Christmas market
201 Passau Germany Photo Cam Market near monument
199 Frankfurt Germany Photo Cam Historic Carroussel
198 Nürnberg Germany Photo Cam Part of the famous market
196 Munich Germany Live Video Market in front of old city hall
195 Karlsruhe Germany Photo Cam Ice rink near christmas market
192 Rhoen-Saale Germany Photo Cam Ice rink near christmas market
191 Huefingen Germany Photo Cam Tree on the market street.
052 Unna Germany Photo Cam Smaller market
053 Moers Germany Photo Cam Christmas market on the market place.
054 Neuburg Germany Photo Cam Ice rink with christmas market
056 Dreden Germany Live Video Old fashion christmas market
057 Zwickau Germany Photo Cam Market on the central square
058 Emmendingen Germany Photo Cam Christmas market market place
059 Paderborn Germany Photo Cam Christmas market historic city hall
060 Brandenburg Germany Live Video Market and ice rink
062 Magdeburg Germany Photo Cam Chrismas market
063 Göttingen Germany Live Video Different views on a market
064 Goslar Germany Photo Cam Christmas forrest and the market.
065 Aachen Germany Photo Cam Christmasmarket in front of city hall
066 Wittenberg Germany Photo Cam Christmas market in Lutherstadt
067 Mainz Germany Photo Cam Christmas cam in front of Dom
068 München Germany Photo Cam Main Christmas market
071 Attendorn Germany Photo Cam Small chrismas market
072 Jena Germany Photo Cam Lobby with Christmas tree
073 Heide Germany Photo Cam Chrismas market
074 Geldern Germany Photo Cam 3 Chrismas trees
075 Bad Waldsee Germany Photo Cam Christmas tree and lights
076 Leuchten Germany Live Video Light stars shopping street
077 Bad Säckingen Germany Photo Cam Tree and market in front of church
078 Baden-Baden Germany Live Video Outside ice rink
079 Meppen Germany Live Video Icerink with chrismas market in backround
080 Karlstadt Germany Photo Cam Chrismas tree
081 Nienburg Germany Photo Cam Outside fair
082 Aurich Germany Photo Cam Christmas market on market square
083 Lorsch Germany Live Video Christmas market old town area
084 Coburg Germany Live Video Historic houses christmas market. CamII
085 Neustadt Germany Photo Cam Christmas market on the market
086 Emden Germany Live Video Christmas market in front of city hall
087 Gladbach Germany Live Video Christmas market with tree in the middle
088 Duesseldorf Germany Live Video Outside christmas view
089 Berlin Germany Photo Cam Brandenburger Tor
090 Plauen Germany Photo Cam Centre town christmas market
091 Bensheim Germany Photo Cam Huge christmas tree
094 Lingen Germany Photo Cam Christmas market from Lingen CamII
097 Berlin Germany Live Video Kurfurstendamm christmas, beautiful!
098 Herborn Germany Photo Cam Mini wheel with Christmas tree
099 Alfeld Germany Live Video Carousel, some booths
105 Kulmbach Germany Live Video Market place with Christmas market
106 Bonn Germany Photo Cam The cityhall of the old German Capital
108 Osnabrueck Germany Live Video Typical German christmas market
109 Biberach Germany Photo Cam Chrismas market in the old
110 Hamburg Germany Live Video Christmas market
111 Soest Germany Photo Cam Fair and christmas market
112 Monschau Germany Photo Cam Christmas market
113 Lingen Germany Live Video Skating rank
114 Neumuenster Germany Photo Cam Skating rank
115 Erding Germany Photo Cam Skate rank and little fair
116 Chemnitz Germany Photo Cam Christmas market
117 Coburg Germany Live Video Christmas market camII Coburg city
119 Würzburg Germany Photo Cam Christmas-market, Cam II
121 Ehingen Germany Photo Cam Old town square
122 Medelheim Germany Photo Cam Small town of Mindelheim
123 Delmenhorst Germany Photo Cam Christmas market
124 Husum Market Germany Photo Cam Christmas market in front of a church
125 Saarbrücken Germany Photo Cam Tall tree in front of a castle
126 Annaberg Germany Photo Cam Market square with Christmas market
127 Freiburg Germany Live Video Christmas market of Freiburg
128 Bitbrug Germany Photo Cam Street scene
129 Kompoti Greece Live Video Plaza with Christmas tree
130 Saloniki Greece Photo Cam Cams inside Thesaloniki centre
131 Budapest Hungary MediaPlayer Elevator cam inside shopping centre
132 Eger Hungary Live Video Christmas tree and market
133 Csa Tolna Hungary Live Video Christmas market control this cam
134 Budapest Hungary MediaPlayer Cam inside shopping centre
135 Oldehovecam Holland Live Video Ice rink and Igluhal
136 Valkenburg Holland Live Video Lightful streets with market
139 Groningen Holland Live Video Interactive Christmas lights! U control it
140 Amsterdam Holland Live Video From the hearth of Adam
141 Gouda Holland Photo Cam Market square from Gouda city (Cheese)
143 Salerno Italy Photo Cam Lightful christmas in south Italy. II III IV
145 Bassano Italy Photo Cam Christmas tree with carousel
147 Regione Vda Italy Photo Cam Ice skating and Christmas tree
149 Pesaro Italy Photo Cam Square with christmas decoration
150 Somerset Kentucky Live Video Christmas tree inside roundabout
153 Eschen Lichtenstein Photo Cam Beautifull Christmas tree on this square
156 Detroit Michigan Photo Cam Ice rink and tree
157 Lake Michigan Michigan Photo Cam 140.000 lights at night!
158 St.Lois Missouri MediaPlayer Christmas tree with court house
161 Orgeon Oregon Photo Cam 150 tall , 50.000 lights this christmas tree
162 Warsaw Poland Live Video Tree and christmas market
164 Krakow Poland MediaPlayer Centre christmas market CamII
165 Iaşi Romenia Live Video Hotel with giant star outside
166 Craiova Romania Live Video Christmas tree CamII
167 Primariaarad Romania Live Video Cool christmas tree, CamII
168 Sibiu Romenia Live Video Different cams from this city
170 Aberdeen Scotland Photo Cam Shopping street Aberdeen
171 Glasgow


Photo cam Two cams from a nice decorated square
172 Trnava Slovac Rep Live Video Market with Christmas tree
173 Storuman Sweden Photo Cam Chrismas trees
174 Vimmerby Sweden Live Video Beautifull chrismas tree
175 Gävle Sweden Live Video Traditional Swedish Christmas goat
176 Vastervik Sweden Photo Cam Christmas tree central plaza
177 Växjö Sweden Live Video Tall Christmas tree on central plaza
178 Skovde Sweden Photo Cam Christmas tree on market square
179 Ystad Sweden Photo Cam Christmas tree on market
180 Boden Sweden Photo Cam Shopping street with nice christmas lights
181 Malmo Sweden Photo Cam Beautifull Christmas lights
182 Leeds UK Photo Cam A German christmas market
183 London UK Live Video Trafalgar square London
184 Vatican Vatican City Photo Cam Basilica di S.Pietro CamII
185 Leavenworth Washington Photo Cam Nice decorated street
186 Jackson Sq Wyoming Photo Cam Trees with lighs in a park
187 Seoul S.Korea Live Video Great christmas tree
193 Bern Switzerland Live Video Trees and tents
188 Bern Switzerland Live Video Fritz has a chrismas tree in his office

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